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Media Buying


Advertise on Network Television

Advertise on network TV stations such as ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC and reach the entire desired market with your 30 second, 60 second or  2 minute commercial.


Do you have a product to sell?  30 minute paid programming slots are available locally and nationwide.  Infomercials are very impactful when placed at the right time on the right channel in front of the right audience.
Cable TV Spots 

No wasted advertising here.  Run your 30-60 second commercial on popular cable channels in your own backyard.  Cable TV is very affordable because advertising dollars are spent in “cable zones” instead of the entire market.  Advertise in a zone where your business is located, or where you would like to grow your business.

Satellite TV Spots

Prior to 2010 satellite advertising was bought by time zone only, which was costly, unrealistic and wasteful advertising for local businesses. Now advertisers can buy airtime on select satellite channels and cover all of North Georgia with their message.
Radio Spots

Drive time is filled with music and advertisements on the radio.  Whether consumers are listening to news, sports, pop, rock or hip hop, advertisers can get your message out to consumers in the entire market quickly.

Email marketing

Targeted email campaigns are very effective.  AGC works with 3rd party vendors that have databases of people that have opted “in” to receive emails.  That’s important, because you would not want your email campaign to end up in the spam folder.  We can filter the database by several variables such as: zip code, income, gender, homeownership and more.


Outdoor advertising is both effective and immediate.  A billboard close to your business will drive traffic to it immediately.


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